Welcome to the official website of electronic music producer digitalTRAFFIC.

digitalTRAFFIC create abstract ambient experimental music soundscapes with layers of sonic textures and soundFX.

"Mesmerizing, thoughtful and beautifully bizarre"

"digitalTRAFFIC's music washes over you like an electronic digital haze of rhythmic
dark ambience conjuring esoteric imagery up inside of your mind.
Give it a listen, and be prepared for a trip."

digitalTRAFFIC use digital sound tools and samples to create the unique and distinct dT sound.
Inspiration comes from life sci-fi natural and synthetic environments.
digitalTRAFFIC is donaldo who lives and records in edinburgh bonnie scotland UK.
He also runs the and produces regular creative soundLAB events in Edinburgh.
A huge thank you to all for taking time to explore and sample the digitalTRAFFIC sound and your continued support.

(no machines were harmed in the making of the digitalTRAFFIC sound)

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