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digitalTRAFFIC create electronic music soundscapes with a heavy electronica dark ambient influence.

digitalTRAFFIC use computers, software and self created recordings / samples in a digital audio workstation setup to create the original and distinct digitalTRAFFIC sound.

The name digitalTRAFFIC comes from digital data traveling through the ether within the internet protocols allowing people from anywhere to access the largest information resource ever created on this planet.
digitalTRAFFIC is donaldo who lives and records in edinburgh bonnie scotland UK. donaldo got into music at an early age, piano, and singing in school choirs and musicals introduced him to music discipline and performing. He then got a guitar and synthesiser to fiddle with and started recording songs and tunes on an old double cassette recorder - fab times. Later he formed a couple of bands in his teens for something to do. Then a move to Edinburgh and played in a college rock band (vocal guitar synth) recording two demo tracks - which was cool.
donaldo image - happy halloween
I now use a digital audio workstation and use sounds recorded on my travels to create the digitalTRAFFIC sound. Ideas come from life and sci-fi. The album artwork comes from ideas about album themes.
Im still a wee bit shocked that the digitalTRAFFIC sound is played / streamed / licensed / sells worldwide - so a big thank you to all.
Anyhoo - thanks for taking the time to explore the digitalTRAFFIC sound and your continued support.
all the very best
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