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s pa cin g
Release date: 01 10 07.
Format: digital download.
5 heavy electronic soundscapes - bounce, infinitas, trinity, m, vista. s pa cin g The third album release from digitalTRAFFIC - again containing 5 electronica industrial tracks taking the listener on a journey through heavy soundtracks to dark ambient soundscapes. There is a distinct live feel to the whole album - clouds of sounds over heavy rhythms - unusual in construction and production. A solid composite album with a natural flow - s pa cin g never fails to stimulate. s pa cin g refers to many things physical and mental - psychiatry, philosophy, drugs, sci-fi, games... it would be a cool name for a space game... Classic digitalTRAFFIC sound throughout creating a sound palate of discordant layers and rhythms with a sci-fi edge. Perfect for all MP3 players.

bounce - represents being up and down as the human psyche has a tendency to take a human mind into realms of fantasy... and doom. gets a bit weird and wired in the middle but if you listen to electricity much... then you understand. infinitas - infinity infinity infinity... - humans have debated and analysed this concept since time began. on and on and - heavy industrial looped theme unusual structure and mix. trinity - simple three layer signature theme - moving and epic - elegant and elevating - take a moment to ponder lifes riches and philosophies - a slight spiritual feel and atmosphere. m - mayhem, maelstrom, m class planet, - noise clash and clamour over a heavy beat - cool bass tones and string overlays. Middle section disturbs the flow - breaks and bubbles. vista - sprawling tense soundscape - multi effects added to give the layered dark brooding atmospheric feel - dark ambient chiller killer. (no machines were harmed in the making of this album...)

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